US 66

TRAVELS WITH ED: On (and Off) Route 66

EAST:  San Pedro, CA to Joplin, MO

Vol. 2:  ARIZONA

WEST:  Joplin, MO to Long Beach, CA (coming soon)

My Grandfather, Ed, kept a little notebook of a road trip he took in 1932. He was seventeen. A few months after my grandfather passed away (see, "He Was A Champion"), my mom passed on to me my grandfather's little notebook. I was so impressed by the care he took in keeping it all those years, that I began transcribing it. As I did so, I met a young man I never knew. I only knew my grandfather as an "old man"--he was already sixty when I turned six. I hope whomever meets Ed here will enjoy him as much as I have and still do.

In the first five volumes, Ed and two of his older siblings, Stan and Gertrude, stuck for the most part to Route 66. On their return trip to California one month later (July, 1932), they eschewed Route 66 in favor of a more northerly, mountainous route that took them past some fine scenery through the entire lengths of Kansas and Colorado, and vast swaths of Utah and Nevada. While their first trip east journeyed what today is generally Interstate 40 (I-40); their return trip west followed, more or less, what are now I-70 and I-15.

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