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Steve Erickson's autograph & inscription to Frances Kroll Ring (The Sea Came In At Midnight)

While traveling up the coast this past week, we had a chance to veer half-an-hour inland over to the bucolic but always art amenable town of Ojai, home to the "greatest outdoor bookstore" in the U.S.A., Bart's Books. Granted, that they are the "greatest" is their own self description, but I believe them!  I believe also they may in fact be the greatest bookstore, indoor or outdoor, in the United States, period.  The last time I visited, two summers ago, I turned left at the front cashier stand (beneath which are shelved about two hundred $1 books), and explored their vast contemporary literature section as the sun beat down upon me.  This time, I turned right at the cashier stand, into what looked to be the room of an old house.  And this house had a roof.  Can't let the acidifying effects of sunlight beat down on so many leather bound tomes from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  A narrow hall — the First Editions section — began opposite the roofed…