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Meeting my Grandfather on Route 66, Vol. IV: Texas & Oklahoma


Into Texas at
8:45.Saw Maragges¹.Looked like biglake with houses& farms in it forseveral miles, butwasn't any wateron lake at all.Thru ____² at 10am.(335 mi from Okla City)Into Amarilloand stop for Ice

at 10 till 11.  Mail cards & letters³


nicest town we'vecome thru sinceleaving CaliforniaIce Stations herethick as GasStations.Stop 7 till 12 to eatand let engine coolHad drove 215 mithis a.m.Beautiful farmingcountry.In Shamrockat 2 P.M.  Had drove285 mi. out on detourInto OklahomaTexola.  Got gasand ask man about

the time.  He said

We should of runtime up 1 hr. inNew Mex.  Eitherin Tucumcari orClovis.  So we runwatches up now.Made it 4 P.M. insteadof 3.Passed thru ElkCity, then by acemetary, wherethere was a monumentjust north of it.Jesus nailed tothe cross withmonument of oneperson on each sideof cross⁴

In Clinton
Cross Canadian
River, a beautiful
drive among big
trees.  Stop at
8:20 at
Rainbow Camp
in El Reno, Okla.
Had drove 444 mi.
To bed at 10
up at 10 till 4

A Swift Survey of Islandia by Austin Tappan Wright

Islandia is like a Victorian-era Hobbit, except the hobbits are humans, and live in a bucolic wonderland south of the equator instead of north, in lush pastures and woods and villages as delightful as any in the Shire.  The country of Islandia is so well conceived -- existing as it does on the continent of "Karain," a continent that's about the size of Australia but more like Africa in shape -- I'm convinced it indeed exists, somewhere….

The majestic mountains in the north of Islandia, reminiscent of Switzerland's or New Zealand's, and that have formed a natural border but not-so-impenetrable barrier between it and its vulgar, uncivilized, cut-throat neighbors of the Sobo Steppes, are mandatory travel destinations for the most intrepid mountaineer's itinerary, thus making Islandia (as reported by Austin Tappan Wright, Esq.) as much of an in-depth documentary of this fascinating nation as it is a 1,024 page novel presently published by The Overlook Press.