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The Mistress's Daughter: A Memoir by A.M. Homes

A.M. Homes is a bastard.  Literally, archaically speaking, she is. It's the kind of no-nonsense, bullshitless, provocative line A.M. Homes might have invoked about herself. Maybe. I say it about her in a spirit of the utmost homage and admiration of Homes' raw transparency, so well chronicled in her memoir, The Mistress's Daughter.  A.M. Homes' bio-mom got knocked up at seventeen.  Her bio-dad was a married man of then only meager entrepreneurial means (though by the time A.M. Homes finally met him thirty-three years after he'd "fathered" her, he was quite well-to-do); a half-man/half-boy atrophied in his pathetic football adolescence, yet with a real doll of a society wife and four no doubt charming kids standing by his philandering side.  Know that the bio-dad -- in essence, little more than a spoonful of ejaculate -- is the real fucking bastard of this sad, though adoption-affirming, inspiring as it is shocking, true tale.

Until reading A.M. Homes'…